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  1. The Consecration of the 11th Bishop of the Diocese of Michigan. Click here to download the Consecration Bulletin. Photos from the Consecration. Click on the image below to see more photos from the Consecration of Bishop Perry. All photos courtesy of Mechelle Sieglitz-Castelli.
  2. Consecration is another word for sanctification. Many people have a confused idea as to what sanctification really is. It must be borne in mind that we are not considering the theological term sanctification, but the use of the New Testament word "sanctify," "sanctification.".
  3. Consecration brings one into holiness of heart, and prayer stands hard by when it is done. The spirit of consecration is the spirit of prayer. The law of consecration is the law of prayer. Both laws work in perfect harmony without the slightest jar or discord. Consecration is the .
  4. The method of consecration set forth by St. Louis de Montfort is presented on this website, as well as in the part MP3 podcast series freely available for download from this site. Consecration consists merely of a day period of prayerful preparation followed by the actual act of consecration itself (also described on this site).
  5. Jan 02,  · Answer: In the Bible the word consecration means “the separation of oneself from things that are unclean, especially anything that would contaminate one’s relationship with a perfect God.” Consecration also carries the connotation of sanctification, holiness, or purity.
  6. Aug 07,  · Define "consecration. " In a general sense, the term “consecration” refers to the act of dedicating oneself to a specific purpose or intention. To “consecrate” yourself essentially means to wholly dedicate yourself to something of greatest important%().
  7. to officially make something holy and suitable to be used for religious ceremonies: The church was completed and consecrated in the s.
  8. In religion, the word consecration has been used in relation to the official ordaining of a person to be a preacher, a priest, or a missionary. This use implies consecration is for a special category of people. But the consecration revealed in the New Testament is for every believer in Christ.